Why Us

Flexible timing

In today's scenario everyone is busy in some or the other things and people have many commitments to fulfil so looking at the current condition, we have understood that people are unable to give a fixed time everywhere. Hence in Xellence we give you flexible timing to ensure that students can get the best results without wasting their time.

Individual Training

Have you ever thought, why in school or colleges some students understand the concept, some don't? This is because every student is unique so their learning pattern varies. Here In xellence we first analyze the learning pattern of individual student to know which training suits best to particular student and then as per their requirement, training is provided to them.

Customized study materials/ customized course.

Ever purchased any book to learn English? Ever downloaded an app to learn English? Surely Many have done, still they are unable to draft a mail. There are many good books but who is going to tell you, which book to pick for yourself? So before referring to any book it is important for us to know where you stand? or Which level you are on? So in  xellence we have designed customized study materials which are provided to you stepwise which will not only help you to learn English but also help you to boost your confidence.

Individual progress trace/ periodic record and improvement

This single quote defines it well ''You are not there yet but if you take time to look back, you will realize how far you have come". Same applies for English as well. We all hurry to learn English and when we start learning, we start questioning ourselves "Why am I not able to speak yet? So the answer to this question is "It takes time" to reach to a particular level but WHEN YOU WILL SEE YOUR PROGRESS REPORT you will realize that you have come far from where you had once started. Here In xellence we maintain after and before progress report so the student can see his/her progress on his /her own.

Leave Extension

How many of you have attended school/colleges without taking any leave? How many of you go to work regularly for a year or two? Very less, Right? All of us have functions to attend, festivals to celebrate, outings with friends or family, etc. In Xellence we take care of your this part too. We understand that for above mentioned reasons you might take leave which you don't want to because your course may expire, so keeping in mind everything, We in xellence provide you a leave extension that means we give you one month free of cost after your expiry so that whatever is missed, can be covered.

Highly professional/ dedicated faculty

Teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students so it is very important for any institute to provide the best teachers to their students. Xellence appoints teachers who have passion, perfection and patience.

Passion to teach, If a teacher is passionate then she will go out of the box also to explain her students.

Perfection- A perfect Teacher will never misguide his / her student, teacher will provide the best knowledge with best teaching techniques.

Patience- A patient teacher will answer and clear all the doubts calmly which will make students to approach teacher for any queries without any hesitations.

Well equipped infrastructure

Xellence  provides a comfortable and soothing environment and full fledged facilities for students which includes AC classrooms, 24 hours electricity facility, High quality mic, sound system, stage, CCTV Cameras, High tech water facility, and many more facilities which makes students feel secured and cared for. Xellence also provides additional classrooms for tests which is totally different from grammar section classrooms. Speaking section provides an ambience for making students confident by performing dramas, anchoring etc.

Safety for Students (CCTV equipped Institute )

Xellence has a set of rules which helps in maintaining healthy atmosphere which avoids disturbance during the study time. CCTVs are installed in every classroom and each and every action is recorded 24/7. Using mobile is restricted in the classroom. Students are not allowed to waste their time by talking on any irrelevant topic or indulging in any irrelevant activities.

Various teaching Methods

In Xellence we conduct different levels of tests which is segregated into 23 parts.

1)    Written Tests: There are 23 tests which are conducted as per the students capability.

2)    Oral Tests: There are 7 oral tests conducted for the  students which makes them compatible for moving to the next level for speaking making the grammar foundation strong.

3)     Speaking Section : On completion of  Grammar students are prepared for moving to the next and final level for speaking confidently, fluently and efficiently, which includes various techniques  for speaking to ensure that the students are  able to imbibe the language.