Short Term Grammar

Grammar plays a vital role in learning correct English. We have designed short term grammar course to ensure that, you consume your time and learn effectively. This module has been designed for those who understand English Grammar but unable to speak and express themselves fluently. This module takes approximate duration of 2-3 months. We ensure that during this stipulated period you will be able to express yourself confidently.

Long Term Grammar

Long Term Grammar module has been designed with a concept for those who are unable to form basic grammatical structures. The Book “How to rule over grammar” will guide the students to frame grammatically correct sentences and help them practice on a regular basis. This module takes approximate duration of 2-5 months. We ensure that during this time module a student will become apt in written communication and utilization of proper grammar while speaking.

Foundation Level Speaking

 In foundation speaking the students are encouraged to use grammar while speaking to give them confidence to frame their own sentences verbally. For example- Proper self systematic Introduction and various topics, day-to-day conversation which makes them confident and sets a platform for them to speak.

Higher Level Speaking

 In higher level speaking, we provide them brush-up grammar and then move to, Level 2 topics such as Speeches, Ex-tempo round, Group discussion, Spoken English, The Power Of Vocabulary and presentations. This helps them to lift their confidence, Enhance their Vocabulary and remove stage fear.

Hi-Flown Speaking

 In this stage, students becomes full fledged and is confident and a fluent speaker. Topics include such as Smart English, Idioms and common phrases, Brainstorming session, Mirror Speaking, Live Presentation, Debate, Interview Training, Voice and accent training, etc. After finishing this module the student is prepared to face the outside world confidently.

Advance Level Part-Time

This course is specially designed bearing in mind those students who have a flair to learn English but have time issues, They need to complete the course within a stipulated time target, considering their basic need we have put together this simultaneous course. The eligibility for this course are only for those candidates who can speak and understand 50% of the English language but are facing difficulties in expressing
themselves, and are lacking fluency.