Mr. Clive Jude Spitz

Experience : 15 years as a spoken English trainer as well as a personality Development Trainer.

I’m also a counselor of Intense meditation along with spiritually is my strongest ability. I am very passionate about teaching. I love interacting and imparting my knowledge to all kinds of students of various age groups ( 10 yrs – 65yrs ) simple living and high thinking is what i teach my students to do, or follow. Living with right attitude, speaking with confidence and implementing it, is what I exhort my students. To follow Respect, Dignity, Integrity and positive values are what I Contemplate on and guide my students to do.

Time management is what I ardently follow and expect the same from my co- fellow students. In today rat race I strongly believe that principles must never be forgotten no matter come what may. Honesty, Commitment and Dedication are the hinges that success is based on and must be stringently followed. 

Ms. Roshani Ganesh Abnave

Experience : 5 years as ( Dedicated Grammar faculty).

I have been working in Xellence as an English grammar teacher since 5 years . My passion is teaching and interacting with students. I am very stupendous with students. I always encourage my students to learn grammar with ease. I strongly believe that before teaching grammar, it is very important to understand the potential and the mind set of every student, that’s exactly what I do. So as to make sure that they understand the grammar at their level which makes them comfortable and fearless. I am very patient, polite and I have temperament in me . I’m very supportive.

I feel glad to share with you all that in my 5 years of teaching I have come across of many students where they were not even able to read and write but after going through our 2-4 months customized procedure, they were able to form their own sentences in English language .This become a priceless reward for us. Thanking you !

Mr. Dipak Sandanshiv

I am post graduate I have almost five years of experience in English teaching field . As we know that every language has it’s own specific structure that’s why we have to follow it as it is. But, if we talk about different type of views in terms of English some prefer to go with speaking directly others prefer to build their foundation with Grammar first. Here students get confused to decide which way they should choose.

Being a grammar and spoken trainer I have understood the different learning pattern of students. If we teach them what suits best to their level their interest towards English language increases which helps them to enhance their spoken English. This is exactly what I believe and follow in Xellence. Thank you !

Ms. Shaikh Aisha

Qualifications- D.T.ed, BA in English Literature, B.ed, M.ed.
Experience- 4Years in Teaching and 2years as supervisor and curriculum designer.

Xellence has customized plans and customized books too. In order to provide best to our students we have a team who looks after the requirements of students and work to fulfill it. Aisha is one of them. Her role is to analyse the requirements of students with the other curriculum departments team. She works wonders with her team to create sources for students of Xellence in such a way that they can talk independently and know what is the correct way of presenting themselves to the world.

She is dedicated in her work. She also makes sure that each student attends and compelets respective tests. Conducting tests and giving them a platform to speak fearlessly is what the curriculum department team look at.

Mrs. Kirti Kiran Paithankar

Experience : 5 years ( Comprehensive Grammar Teacher).

I am very sincere and dedicated with my students. My motto is to make each and every student “Rock Hard” in their grammatical foundation. “Core” Teaching is what I focus on. I am very enthusiastic while teaching and I also motivate my students to learn in an enthusiastic way which compels fear to be eradicated from the mind of the student and makes them confident.

Hard work, effort and positivity is what I inculcate in every student. I am proactive while teaching students. I always ensure that I provide proper justice to the course by providing comprehensive concept. Thank you !