Smart English Course

 1)      Smart English is a pattern put together with potential sentences to wrap up long lengthy and boring sentences to make speaking “Effective”.

    “Xellence” has a book called “Smart English” which is solely prepared for our students a smart “Curriculum”.


1) “Take it or leave it” which means if you don’t want things my way, then you can leave it or not accept it.            

2) “ I am on cloud nine” which means I am in a state of “Bliss”or “ Happiness”

                  This is called “ Smart English Sentence”

Idioms And Common Phrases

2)  An idiom is an expression or phrase whose meaning does not relate to the literal meaning of its words. 

Exp: “Bite of more than you can chew” meaning” trying to do something that is hard for you”.    

Idioms and phrases play an important role in day to day life. It is a set of expression that make speaking effective. It is useful to make it a habit of using these expressions.  “Xellence  helps you cope with it. 

Exp:  Let me just “Put my face on”

               Meaning – ( Apply Cosmetic)


“Brainstorming” is a situation where a group of people perform on a given topic with a prop which must be spontaneous with “new Ideas” in other words” Thinking out of the box”. This makes people or students to think freely and come up with

“Exclusive Ideas”.

                   Example : A pressure Cooker : we all know the common uses of a

                  “Pressure cooker” but how can we present this  in a

                  different way. That is called Brainstorming in simple words

                   storm your mind with new creative ideas that are unique.

                   That is what we prepare students here at “Xellence” to do.

                   “Mapping” of the “Mind”


         We prepare students here to face Interviews confidently and

          crack the interview in the first attempt.

         1)  Proper systematic self-introduction the foremost parameter.

         2)  10 Strategies to enhance your Interview skills.

         3)  Practice of good and non-Verbal skills.   


Effective Communication

        This is what “Xellence “  prepares you for before you go for an

         Interview. Interview skills are very necessary to develop before

         appearing for an Interview. Blindly appearing for an Interview

         is very dangerous which most candidates do.

         So “Xellence” is here to help you cope with enhancing your

         skills. “Attitude” plays a key role in your Interview success and

         we here at Xellence train you for that.

         Voice and accent training etc.

          Accent is the distinctive manner of oral Expression. Accent

           means the way of speaking a particular language.

            1.   Phonetic symbols

            a)   Long Vowels

            b)   Short Vowel

           2)   Diphthongs ( Two vowel Sounds together)

           3)   Consonants

           4)  Sounds of parallels of English Syllables.

           This is what we here at “Xellence” prepares you in.

           Using the neutralised accent with fluency in Grammar,

           which is usually termed as  “British Accent”. Voice and

           accent training is necessary for you to be an Excellent

           Communicator speak clearly with confidence here at