Higher Level speaking Course

   1)     A speech is vitally important to help students grow

            confident while facing an audience. It helps in enhancing the

           communication skills. A speech is a set of words that creates

           an impact on our lives communication is stemmed from the act

            of speech. Here in Xellence we prepare the students to give

           speeches starting from lower level simple speeches on auspicious

          days/ Occasion like “ Teachers Day”

          “Independence day” like 15th  August and 26th January.

         Republic day, Venturing off to higher levels on other

        Auspicious days, speaking about various renowned social

        workers, freedom fighters and others various important

        characters which eventually makes the students “Bold”

        “Confident” “ Wise” and “Virtuous”

   2)   Extempore : An Extempore speech is an other words

         called an “impromptu” round of speech which is called

         “Spontaneous” speaking. “Thinking on your feet”.

          Here in “Xellence” we give undue importance to such

          kind of activities.

        “Extempore” round is a quick sequence of “Ideas” that

         make a student very efficient in speaking. Once a

         students is comfortable with this round  he/she is ready

         to face any kind of Interview or public narrative.

         “Xellence” has a history of such kind of speakers over

          the years. Extempore is the ability to connect with a

          panel Conventionally.

3)    Group Discussion : Group Discussion Or “GD” in short is a

       team of people that group up together to exchange a set of ideas.

         The team represents his/her perspective. Here in “Xellence”

        we thrive and thrill on such kind of events.

       ‘GD” round develops leadership skills. “Confidence” in

      speaking is attributed during this activity.

    “Xellence”  follows a set of rules while exhorting this activity like   

    “Politeness” “Moral Behaviour” “Ethics” and social skills.

 4)   The Power Of Vocabulary And Presentation :

       This topic is the most Intense topic, which helps us to express

       ourselves and Indeed helps us to grow. “Xellence” has prepared

       its own “Textbook” Over the years experience which is rich in

       vocabulary  words which influences the students. “Words are

       power  and power is the “Manna” for students to speak Xellence

       does it all.

       Xellence teaches the students to use the right words at the

       right time.

       Whether it’s  for speaking, writing or storytelling or just casual  

        conversation Xellence has it all.

       “Presentation” convey information from a speakers to an

       “Audience”. “Xellence” persuades and motivates a students to  

        follow such kind of activities.