Foundation Level Speaking Course

Foundation Level  Speaking is a program designed by Xellence to help students Lay a platform for ground level speaking. Xellence helps students to develop their confidence and learn to speak boldly without any fear.

Foundation Level Speaking Includes Topics Like

  1.  Self Introduction : This topics include a systematics set of points which alludes only to ones self introduction  and doesn’t  includes points about family or any other concerning person. This proves very vital for Interviews or any other public speaking aspects. This also helps the students to set a platform for themselves and gain confidence . It is also helps the students to get to know more about themselves.
  2. Self Description      
  3.  Topics about family          
  4.  P – O – P – B – E – A – N – S 

And many other more exciting topics are designed to help the students gather up confidence and proceed further in speaking.   “Xellence” has designed its self to make the students capable of thinking on their feet and face a multitude of people with the right attitude of speaking.

                                Topics like

  1. Talk show
  2. Trimatic show
  3. Survey,
  4. My mother
  5. My father
  6. My family
  7. Dialogue writing etc.

Done to ensure that the students become totally confident while speaking those are the mirrors for them consciousness of those element of those element or factor communicate through the body.  The question is are the students able to resonate it.

It is here in Xellence we make the students conscious of such elements.  Xellence teaches the students to integrate in life.

Negative thoughts takes away enthusiasm ; excitement, energy and self- confidence and thereby makes the students feel low hence we here at Xellence make the students to think positive by performing the various above activities which changes the mental Rhythm and body Rhythm of every students.