English Speaking Course for Adults/ Working People

One thing we often get asked about is how to succeed at interviews in English. Of course, being on time, looking interested and being well-dressed are some of the key points to bear in mind. But remember, an interview is a discussion – you will have to open your mouth and speak! In English!

Communication skills are very much essential for one’s professional growth. The ability to express fluently in both written as well as oral form of language is very much essential for the career growth because the reality is that the companies consider the candidate’s ability or inability to speak fluently in English as one of the major selection criterion. No matter how well experienced you are or how much knowledge you have in your field, If you fail to express your views and idea in words then it is of no use and we all know the fact that in India, many companies are asking and hiring employees who can communicate well. Communication is the key to increased sustainability and career progression in the workplace. Without proper knowledge of the English language, it might be difficult for you to maintain business relationships and ultimately climb the corporate ladder.

Proper English does not mean only the ability to make grammatically correct sentences. It means other related skills for effective communication like presentation skills, convincing and negotiation skills and interpersonal skills using that language. 

Given that English is the most widely spoken and written language in the world, the bottom line is, that learning it can allow you to effectively communicate with other people. From giving your office interview to exploring new career opportunities, English is your savior. It is also the top language in technology and network-related fields

Many people shy away from speaking English. Where some lack a good command over the language, some just don’t feel comfortable while speaking English even though they know it. In Xellence institute of English Speaking, we understand and know the root cause of all your problems related to English Language hence we train our students accordingly.

We all know the fact that every individual comes from a different educational background and that’s why we believe to first check your level of understanding of English Language, Your interest and need to learn English language and then provide a best customised plan which will fulfil all your expectations and requirements you have.

In Xellence, we understand that you are already loaded with many responsibilities and taking your time out to learn a language is a task but you need to ask yourself, if not now, then when? We all know the fact that many a times your salary\promotion depends on your communication skills also if you want to travel abroad, you need to know English language so basically to open the doors of opportunities it is important for you to know and understand English language really well and we are here to make you perfect in English Language because We have designed our courses in such a way where we build the foundation of the language first by giving an individual attention, where an individual gets to know and understand how to frame grammatically correct sentences, express his views in front of audience in English, participate in debates and group discussions, how to use smart English, idioms and phrases, how to present oneself in front of audience on stage, how to address audience etc.

One can learn Language if he \ she is provided with all the basic facilities, peaceful environment, effective teachers, proper guidance and freedom to ask questions etc. in Xellence We have 10+ courses. The courses which we offer differs according to ones need. We provide customised courses and assessment of each student is done and recorded throughout the course so that once your course is completed, you will be able to see and judge your own progress.

What to expect?

  • Grammatically correct formation of sentences
  • Effective writing skills
  • Mail drafting
  • Confidence building
  • Group discussion
  • Debates
  • Public speaking
  • Report writing
  • Presentation
  • Removing stage fear
  • Personality development
  • Fluency in speaking