English Speaking for Children

In every stage of schooling, every child try to speak English and they think that they speak really well but the question is,  Are they speaking it correctly? Well they might think that they speak correct English and become confident But somehow many a times that confidence goes down when they go for higher education or when they face real world because they come to know that there are many out in the world with polished English.

Why do children from English medium school need to join  Xellence spoken English class?

There is a myth lying in the core of the mind of all the parents that English medium School is the first and the last choice to them for the purpose of learning rich and effective Spoken English of their offspring but In most of English medium schools , many a times teachers never communicate with their students in English within their school campus. The students always communicate with their peers in their vernacular language. Many a times it becomes difficult for school to monitor this issue and sometimes teachers fail to enforce students to communicate in English within school campus and because of these reason your children never get exposed to speak English also Scholl won’t guarantee that your child will excel in English Language but here in Xellence Institute of English Speaking,  we make teaching- learning process joyous and assure overall growth of your child when it comes to communicate, present himself/ herself in front of the audience or to participate in any discussion, etc

Teaching- learning process is one of the best joyous process if done properly but the question is, how will it become joyful? Well anything can be joyous and interesting if we have interest in it but there is an approach to make learning joyous or interesting which we follow in Xellence. In Xellence we believe that every child is unique and has different capabilities, approach towards learning and it is extremely important to understand that not every child is same to learn with same methodology, approach or technique hence it is injustice to teach children together with same approach and technique. Xellence has taught and trained more than 4000 students and looking at all students with different learning pattern, Xellence has designed burden free course specially for children because we understand that children are already loaded with many projects, home works and other activities so we make sure to bring best out of them when they are with us only.

Many parents are worried that Joining English speaking class will hinder the academic studies.Parents often have the best of intentions, but many parents are guilty of overscheduling their children, programming their schedules with extracurricular activities, volunteer work, and other demands and that’s why they don’t enroll their children in Spoken English but don’t worry, when it comes to Xellence because we know the root cause and considering all the factors, we have designed our courses in such a way that it won’t burden your child because your child is our responsibility and We want children to Enjoy the language, not to take it as burden so we offer the best customised plan for your child after checking his/her existing knowledge. We assure your child’s Xellence in reading, writing, speaking and presentation.

Every Child is an apple of their parents eye Similarly they are important for us to because Xellence exists because of their students and their overall growth. Once the child masters English Language, He / she will be able to access to billions of pages of information which may not be otherwise available. By learning English, students can more confidently participate in conversations with nobody to tell them that they don’t belong here. Reading articles and watching videos becomes useful for learning and understanding the working of several aspects and knowing the fact that English is the universal language used in movies, books, magazines, songs, and online articles, its importance needs no glorification Hence we provide such training wherein child not only develop the understanding of English Language but also become fluent in communication.

Enrolling a child In Xellence Institute Of  English Speaking class will be the best decision a parent can make in his/her child’s early learning stages as we make your child independent and confident. Once he joins Xellence, he \she will be able to do all his\her projects independently also he\she will be confident enough to face challenges in school and in higher studies as well.

Benefits your child will get after learning from Xellence

  1. He\she will be able to frame grammatically correct sentences
  2. He\ she will be able to speak fluently
  3. He\she will Get the stage confidence
  4.  He\she will be able to read, write and understand well
  5. He\she will be able to present himself\herself confidently
  6. He\she will be able to actively participate in group discussion, debates, quiz etc