Corporate English Course

English is the number one ‘common’ language that connects speakers of different languages, and it is impossible to underestimate the importance of Corporate English in opening the door to a vast number of potential markets and clients.

Corporate communication is very different from general communication. One of the most critical areas of corporate training is communication. When communication and language is clear and concise, agreements are met more smoothly, plans are laid out more competently, and goals are met more efficiently so communication is the only key to success.

Most multinational companies are mandating English as the common corporate language in an attempt to facilitate communication and performance so we have designed our modules 

to help professionals develop the English language skills to communicate confidently in an international workplace.

After completion of your course from “Xellence” institute of English Speaking you will improve your Business English and your professional communication skills, presentations, participating in teleconferences, email, report writing, socialising, group discussion.

Who can join this course?

  1. Minimum 10/12th pass
  2. Graduates
  3. Freshers
  4. Job seekers
  5. Working employees 
  6. Business Man/ woman

What is the duration?

Duration varies according to the candidates since we offer only customised course after checking candidate’s existing knowledge of English language. We believe each candidate is different and has different understanding, pattern, grasping power and interest as a result he/she can learn at own speed.

What to expect surely from this business English course?

➡️Effectively writing your speech

➡️Know all about your audience 

➡️Impact of personal appearance

➡️How to initiate and organise your speech

➡️Understand the public speaking medium

➡️Professional communication skills

➡️Confidence building



➡️Email writing and report writing

Why choose us?

➡️Individual and customised training

➡️Genuine commitment to the needs, learning goals and learning outcomes of each and every student 

➡️Extensive network of highly qualified, experienced, results driven tutors

➡️ Progress report of each students

➡️ Weekly, Monthly checking of each students by our experts

➡️Experts in beginner language training to advanced language training 

Details of course

(For freshers/ students )

English has become an important language to know in the world today, Whether you are looking for a new job or planning to travel the world, studying English can help you progress in life both personally and professionally. You can compete in the global job market, increase your career skills and start to meet people around the world.

Here in Xellence you can find practice materials and activities to improve your English speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Improving your skills will help you use English more effectively so that you can do well in your studies, get ahead at work and confidently communicate in English in your free time.

We have designed our courses which suits every Individual according to their needs.

Children get special attention from one on one teaching to make sure that they understand well. They are not given any homework at home as we understand that they are already loaded with many school projects, homework and assignments therefore we make sure to bring best out of them during their study hours in our institute only.

They not only learn English language in Xellence but also how to present themselves in front of audience and be more confident.

(For Employees/ Adults)

Communication skills are very much essential for one’s professional growth. The ability to express fluently in both written as well as oral form of language is very much essential for the career growth.

As it is stated above, English being the most commonly used language in the corporate world; the knowledge of English is one of the most important employability skills. Knowledge of English is much sought after in the corporate world. Proper English does not mean only the ability to make grammatically correct sentences. It means other related skills for effective communication like presentation skills, convincing and negotiation skills and interpersonal skills using that language.

We have designed our courses where an individual gets to know and understand how to frame grammatically correct sentences, express his views in front of audience in English, participate in debates and group discussions, how to use smart English, idioms and phrases, how to present oneself in front of audience on stage, how to address audience etc.

Who can join Corporate English Course

  1.            Students from English Medium

The way the education system is set up isn’t very conducive to language learning in general. Large class sizes, education requirements, standardised tests, and limited class time hence make it difficult for teachers to focus on speaking with their students. Which means that even if you studied English in school, you probably had little practice speaking the language. There isn’t much you can do about your background in English now, but you can take control of your future by Joining “Xellence” English Speaking Institute. 

  2.               Students from vernacular medium  

Students at University come from vernacular medium schools, they encounter difficulty as the means of studying any particular course is usually in English. It becomes hard for them to interpret the lessons and the subject itself so we have designed our course which focuses on conversational extempore and equal focus on grammatical foundations.

The combination of both of these techniques thus helps the student to develop a grasp on the language.

  3.                Job seeker and working employees 

Everybody has a dream job; a career that they aspire to achieve. Job seekers work hard to gain the right skills and knowledge to give them an edge over others in the role they seek. However, at times, despite their best efforts, one may find it difficult to move a step closer because they lack effective communication skills. 

We have designed our modules in such a way clearly that one can learn English without disturbing their daily job routine.

  4.                  Homemaker

There are many reasons for which a homemaker wants to learn English. Housewives believe that learning English will provide them with ample opportunity therefore to help them acquire the confidence.

It will help them to converse in English with their children also to teach them better. They are aware of the helplessness they feel if they don’t speak English socially—at parents-teachers meet, hospitals, malls or even outside ticket counters of movie theatres, and feel that there is an urgent need to learn English.

So if you feel embarrassed, nervous or shy when you try to speak or understand English, don’t worry it’s NOT your fault and it’s never too late to learn!